My dark circles are horrendous. 🙈

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Because of the weight of the ends of the forks, and how they’re distributed behind the penny (closer to the glass), the center of gravity of the whole system is actually shifted quite significantly. If I’m right, it would actually have to be right where the penny meets the glass. This mean, in a sense, all the “weight” of the system of the forks and penny is resting right on that point, rather than out in the air, so if you balance it, it’ll be stable on the glass.

…….Close enough

The difference between Science and Engineering.
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If my ex told me he wanted me back I would.

Today, tomorrow, next month and maybe a year from now.

I keep thinking it’s not real….that I’ll wake up and it’ll all be a dream; a bad nightmare.

I was so helplessly in love with him.


I dont care what gender you are. I dont care what sexual preference you have. I dont care what country you live in. I dont care if this isn’t your “blog theme”. If you dont reblog this, I will judge you. Forever.

What’s wrong with me that he really couldn’t love me?

I can’t believe I was fooled.

I feel like no one is ever going to love me.